‘Fallout 4: Wasteland Workshop’ Lets You Spruce Up Your Homestead With Deathclaw Gladiator Arenas

It feels like Fallout 4: Automatron just came out, but Bethesda is already prepping its next chunk of DLC. As the name implies, Wasteland Workshop is for all you obsessive tinkerers who tend to ignore Fallout 4‘s quests in favor of building elaborate fortresses out of recycled irradiated garbage. You know who you are.

Probably the biggest new feature Wasteland Workshop brings is the ability to trap monsters, then pit people against them in gladiatorial battles, but there are also a host of other handy additions. Portable garden plots so you can grow food in the game’s cramped urban settlements! A decontamination unit that will spare you having to pay the goddamn doctor 40 caps to cure your rads! New concrete and iron building materials, so you can make a building that doesn’t look like complete crap! Lots of new lights and neon signs to play with! And, um, the ability to put a taxidermied mutant mole rat head on your wall? Sure, why the hell not?

Wasteland Workshop is available as part of the Fallout 4 season pass, or for $5 if you want to buy it individually, and is set to arrive on April 12. Get out there and make Preston Garvey proud, settlement builders.