The ‘LOST’ Island Was Recreated With Astonishing Detail In ‘Far Cry 5’

Whether or not you fell away from the vast mystery surrounding the LOST‘s island, which we all know got to be a strange sci-fi purgatory around season three, the show probably stuck with you. The island itself was one of TV’s most enthralling locations for six, confusing seasons, and now you can visit it (not to scale) thanks to one dedicated gamer making good use of Far Cry 5‘s map editor.

What makes gamer PSFREAK33‘s recreation so impressive is that it wasn’t put meticulously together on a beefy PC — this was all done on a PS4. Every location (not to scale) from the show is here. Every main plot point, including the Dharma mass grave, Sun’s garden, and even the underwater launch point that gave us the “Not Penny’s boat” moment is there and deadly to swim to.

Everything in this recreation is shockingly well put-together. The skeletons of Adam and Eve are resting in the caves and the small Dharma village looks absolutely perfect. It can make even the most bitter fan want to dive back in and start thinking about the time travel episodes that helped boost the show to a new level in the later seasons.

Don’t you want to revisit the Heart of the Island?

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Sadly, there are some limitations to testing out player-made maps, so you’ll only be able to hang out on the island ten minutes at a time. As the creator put it:

The map has been uploaded to PS4 as: LOST TV Series. The gameplay is not the greatest due to its size and the ridiculous 10min max time limit and is therefore best experienced in solo or coop journey. If Ubisoft decides to increase the time limit in the future and add in a battle royal mode I feel as though this map could excel in that setting!

A LOST battle royale sounds absolutely riveting.

(Via Kotaku)