Fortnite Announces It’s Adding NFL And Football Skins So Players Can Rep Their Favorite Teams

11.05.18 7 months ago

Epic Games

If there’s one thing we know about Fortnite and Epic games it’s that they aren’t afraid to get a little silly. Remember when they gave players the ability to play as Thanos and use the Infinity Gauntlet?

All the dances you can do throughout the game merely add to the silliness. And, you know, the fact that you can build structures while hoping around and ride a bicycle into battle, just as one so often does in the real world.

You know what else has been silly lately? The NFL. Yes, the league known for cracking down on fun has loosened their ties a bit and have allowed players to start celebrating when they score touchdowns. So of course, some players like Eric Ebron used this as an opportunity for Fortnite inspired celebrations.

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