The Funniest Twitter Reactions To The Nintendo Switch Presentation

Nintendo gave a live presentation on Thursday night to show us their $299 Nintendo Switch and the games we can look forward to playing way too much on March 3rd and onward. We already did an in-depth breakdown of those features and games, so let’s move on to the jokes. Twitter was on hand, as always, to live tweet the event.

Some people noticed that certain things look like other things.

More comparisons and suggestions were made throughout the event:

Others cleared their calendar:

Some couldn’t withhold their criticism.

We’re pretty sure this tweet is fake news.

This one is only included because it references one of my favorite Mario parodies.

This one might be a little too much of an inside reference for Twitter users, but IT’S TIME FOR SOME GAME THEORY.

Plenty of excitement was had over The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild going on sale March 3rd as a launch title:

Some suspected the translator for the Suda51 presentation may have lied on his resume:

All in all, a pretty typical Nintendo presentation: