Here’s What We Learned From Nintendo’s Live Presentation On The Nintendo Switch

01.12.17 1 year ago 5 Comments


Nintendo Switch might be Nintendo’s declaration of war against Apple or it might be another Wii U, that’s all yet to be seen. But their live presentation on Thursday night gave us a deep look at what we can expect once the console is released on March 3rd alongside The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild . Not only is the console carrying a $299 price tag, but there’s also going to be a online paid service that seems to take a few cues from competitors at Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo will offer a service for free to start with a trial period, but you’ll have to pay soon after that.

Another interesting aspect about the actual gameplay is the lack of any region locking for the Switch. That would mean gamers can import games that are only out in Japan and play them on the console they’ve purchased here. This isn’t entirely new for Nintendo given the abilities of the DS, but it’s definitely a nice feature to have. It will also have multiplayer with up to 8 people connected to the system at one time.

Nintendo also introduced some new colors for the Joyconn controllers on the side of the console, including red, blue, and grey for some reason. Not only that, but each of the controllers will feature a chip to read Amiibo, gyroscopes and accelerometers like the Wiimote, and a touchscreen. It’s definitely taking some of the best parts from their last few consoles and also hints that some of the games we’ve seen on Wii will be making an appearance on the switch.

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