If You Managed To Snag A Nintendo Classic This Holiday, These Modders Found How To Add Games To Your Collection

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Did you manage to grab yourself one of Nintendo’s mini-NES consoles this holiday season? The supply seemed to be low, but some folks managed to get lucky with their timing to pick up one of the company’s nostalgic emulators. And thanks to that group, an even smaller number of people with a knack for fiddling around “under the hood” with source code have found a way to add more games to the 30 already included inside.

Nintendo did not make it possible to do this the easy way and did not include the ability to download titles to the tiny system, so it was only going to be a matter of time before someone went around the rules to find their own way. While it isn’t an officially approved method — or legal in every sense — the method that some hackers in Japan and Russia have found does not require you to tear the system open. According to Ars Technica, it’s just some soft touches to the code if you have the mini-USB, a Super Mario Bros. save file and a few programs.

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