‘Rick And Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland Claims That He Predicted The Nintendo Switch

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When he and collaborator Dan Harmon aren’t too busy talking up their series Rick and Morty (instead of making new episodes), Justin Roiland busies himself with other projects. Like his new VR game Trover Saves the Universe, which he previewed at last week’s E3 gaming convention. However, as Mashable recently reported, avoiding Rick and Morty wasn’t the only thing on Roiland’s mind during his presentation. Apparently, he dreamed up what would become the Nintendo Switch long before the handheld gaming device ever saw the light of day.

Or at least that’s what Roiland claimed during his E3 presentation:

“A long time ago, before the Switch was even announced, I had this crazy dream where I was in some giant Walmart-style department store place. It wasn’t Walmart. But there was a video game section and it was like a throwback to when I was a kid, with all the video games on a wall. And behind this glass they had a new Nintendo system that — get this — was cartridge-based and the cartridges were really tiny and all the games were in this super modern-retro style.”

After trying his hand at a Switch once they came out, Roiland thought, “This is literally what my dream was!” He also recalled thinking, immediately after waking up from his dream, “If Nintendo released a really cool, sleek, tiny little console that used tiny little cartridges with games that were really awesome, modern, but retro pixel art games — that thing would sell like crazy!” Even so, Roiland admits his fever dream didn’t include anything about the Switch’s portability.

Too bad he doesn’t dream about not making Rick and Morty fans wait.

(Via Mashable)