‘Rick And Morty’ Is Sticking Around For A Very Long Time

Adult Swim

In the infamous Szechuan sauce episode of Rick and Morty, “The Rickshank Rickdemption,” Rick tells Morty that he won’t stop searching for his precious Mulan McNugget sauce, even “if it takes nine seasons.” The Adult Swim animated series might not be on that long, but it’s sticking around for a while. On Thursday, co-creator Justin Roiland tweeted, “More Rick and Morty coming. Looking forward to all the tweets asking where it is!” He also included a drawing of Rick telling his grandson, “It’s official Morty. 70 more adventures, Morty. You and me. 70 more Morty.” Morty’s response: “Aw, jeez.” 70 EPISODES.

Described as a “longterm deal,” albeit without any announced time frame, the order is for more than double the count of episodes Rick and Morty has already produced to date… Rick and Morty is the de facto flagship of Adult Swim, Cartoon Network’s youth-skewing cable sibling. It ranked as TV’s No 1 comedy, cable or broadcast, among millennials in 2017. With adults 18-24 and 18-34, it topped The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and SNL. (Via)

There have been 31 episodes of Rick and Morty to date (beginning in 2013), so another 70 will bring the total to 101, or one more than the standard syndication milestone. At the current pace, Roiland and Harmon should get there around, oh, 2047. In an interview with GQ, Harmon said that he’s very “excited” about the 70-episode deal, and that he and Roiland “just needed enough episodes and the right kind of deal structure that would give us permission to do what we want to do, which is truly focus on the show.” So… no Community movie, then?

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(Via The Hollywood Reporter and GQ)