Mario Now Has A Portal Gun In A ‘Super Mario 64’ Mod

Ever wanted Mario to have a Portal gun in Nintendo’s Super Mario 64? Now he can, you monster. “Portal Mario 64” is a new mod from Kaze Emanuar, who also made the mod which ported Super Mario Odyssey‘s unsettling hat powers into Super Mario 64. This Portal gun mod has all the hilarious destructive potential of the GTA IV horse or the Toy Story and Frozen GTA IV mods, but definitely isn’t as disturbing as the Groot mod that still lumbers through our nightmares.

Operating Mario’s snazzy new Portal gun is surprisingly simple. You zoom in then press “L” to shoot, using the left and right directions on the dpad to choose which portal to shoot. Then you can get into shenanigans like the ones seen in the video above, where Mario cheats his way onto the roof of the castle; portals Bowser directly into a bomb; drops the mamma penguin into a hole where she belongs for not watching her baby; finishes a race in three seconds; and trolls the hell out of Koopa the Quick, mocking him savagely with sweet flag headstands.

You can download the mod here (Caution: automatically downloads) or view the source code here. And as always, caveat downloader when snagging mods from these here internets. It’s a Jungle Japes out there.

(Via Kaze Emanuar and Kotaku)