Is The CW Reviving ‘Constantine’ After All?

Constantine was an interesting experiment for NBC, and one we were a little surprised was canceled. The ratings were decent, if unspectacular, and NBC had shown a recent willingness to give low-rated shows with vocal fanbases more of a shot. After it got the boot, it was widely theorized The CW would pick it up, but so far, Constantine has only popped up on an episode of Arrow, and been mentioned in passing elsewhere. Still, the CW just made a fascinating move that indicates John might yet be saved from cancellation hell.

Constantine has turned up on the CW’s digital streaming platform, CW Seed. This is odd for a few reasons. The CW has never broadcast Constantine, and Warner Bros. Television has a close relationship with Netflix. If they were just looking for a place to get the show out there and collect streaming revenues, CW Seed is far from the most high-profile place to do it.

But it does, however, make sense if the CW is trying to gauge how much of its audience would be interested in seeing Constantine come back, as it’s a test bed for the network. Still, even if there’s interest, the show returning is a long shot. The cast has all moved on to other jobs: Matt Ryan, for example, is currently lead on a eight-part period drama The Halcyon. Then again, Wentworth Miller, a.k.a. Captain Cold, signed a deal that lets him pop up anywhere in the Arrowverse. So even if Constantine doesn’t have a regular show, we may be seeing a lot more of John in the future.

(Via Nerd Reactor)