GammaSquad Review: ‘EA UFC 2’ Is A Brutal, Fun And Flawed Fighter

03.16.16 2 years ago

Less than two years after EA UFC‘s debut, EA UFC 2 is here to prove that EA is here, and they know what they’re trying to do inside the virtual Octagon. This isn’t just a simple update — this is truly a full-blown sequel and no corners have been cut. But is it worth the $60 price tag?

EA Sports UFC 2 (PS4, Xbox One)

Artistic Achievement

The game looks really good. Going “ooooh” when you’ve played dozens (hundreds) of matches and the violent novelty has warn off is a good example of how far this game pushes graphical boundaries. Sadly, EA UFC 2 is pretty boring to look at overall. And this isn’t being critical of the dev team, let me make that clear — this is the UFC’s fault. For nearly a decade, every single event has looked the same beyond the ads in the Octagon. I blame them and I blame Reebok! Boring!

Ultimately I don’t care about shorts when I’m executing a slick one-two on your FACE. The damage you accumulate after a brutal match could make the toughest person wince, and that right there is an achievement in itself.


The game’s innovation comes from its slick refinements. The newfangled ground game is the best grappling system in any MMA game ever. It’s simple to learn and while I’m not yet a master, I feel much more in control of everything I do in this game compared to any MMA game from the past.

Tip: Read the intense breakdown of how to survive the ground game. It’s worth your time.

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