ASAP Ferg Does BMX Tricks In His Guerilla-Style ‘Floor Seats’ Video

ASAP Ferg has been teasing a new release for a few weeks, releasing singles like “Pups,” “Wam,” and “Wigs.” Today, he reveals the title of the project along with the video for its self-titled single, “Floor Seats.” Where Ferg’s most recent singles have featured prominent guest stars like ASAP Rocky, Asian Da Brat, and MadeinTYO, “Floor Seats” sees the Harlem-bred rapper going solo over a panicky, Roofeo-produced banger of a beat. The Floor Seats EP is described as “coming soon.”

The guerrilla-style video for “Floor Seats” is directed by Valentin Petit and finds ASAP Ferg patrolling the streets of New York City with a fleet of BMX bikers, showing off tricks and revealing his own two-wheel talents in the process. The bike he rides is apparently a limited-edition design by Redline, which is available for fans to buy now. Ferg spends the remainder of the video doing what he does best: Partying with pretty girls in a crowded apartment as he shouts out his bike crew below. The video is sprinkled with Polaroid-style stills whose grainy look brings out the homegrown, punkish feel of New York’s bike scene.

Recently, ASAP Ferg has split his promotion efforts with protesting his partner ASAP Rocky’s detainment in Sweden.