Beyonce And Donald Glover Sing ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ In A New ‘Lion King’ Teaser

Getty Image

The upcoming The Lion King live-action remake is on its way quickly, as it’s set to hit theaters next month. Much has been made about its star-studded cast, which features Donald Glover and Beyonce in the main roles of Simba and Nala, respectively. Naturally, fans have been waiting to hear the pair perform the film’s classic songs, and now the world has gotten a taste of the movie’s most iconic duet, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight.”

A short teaser clip of the film begins with the two singing the song as other visuals from the film and narration play over it. James Earl Jones’ Mufasa says in the video, “Look at the stars. The great kings look down on us from those stars. And so will I.” It was reported last year that Beyonce and Elton John were working on a new song for the film, so hopefully that surfaces soon as well.

Billy Eichner, who plays Timon in the film, previously confirmed the duet, telling Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, “I have not [met Beyonce], but I do sing with her in the movie. […] I play Timon, and Timon and Pumba start singing ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight,’ and then it segues into Beyonce and Donald Glover singing it.”

Watch the clip above.