Birdman Claims He Sleeps On A Million Dollars Every Night

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06.28.16 2 Comments

Birdman was the guest on Highly Questionable and, fittingly, he shared a few personal tales with the hosts. The conversation covered topics like buying his whole team cars when he got his legendary $30 million dollar deal with Universal, those ridiculous $10K bets on Madden between him and Lil Wayne, and other Monopoly money-type spending he’s known for.

But none of those stories compare to the one revealed when Birdman and the hosts played a quick round of true or false. One of the questions was whether he really slept on a million dollars cash, which is apparently a story from his past. Looking to clear things up, the Cash Money exec made it known that he still sleeps on stacks.

“I still sleep on a million dollars cash,” he said. “That’s just a factuation [sic] for me in life. I do that and I’m gonna do that until I die…I got a million dollars under my mattress, on my sheets. I just feel the need to do that. I was blessed to be able to do it and I sleep on it every night with my Versace bedspread on top of it.”

As absurd as it may seem, sleeping on a million dollars sounds like a childhood dream many people would live out in adulthood if they were fortunate enough. When there’s $30 million at your disposal, taking a million out to roll around in each night isn’t really hurting anything. Then again, Birdman used to rap about putting putting Gucci in his car’s interior. Think twice before taking advice from this guy on how to spend money.

Obviously, a boast like that is going to draw the ire of people and many will choose to call Duck Tales. Lil Wayne is one person who falls in both categories. After the segment aired, Weezy tweeted “Highly Questionable is hiiiiiighly questionable today.”

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