Cardi B Was Not Happy About Being Accosted By TV Reporters On Her Day Off

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Cardi B, whose incendiary single “Press” is burning its way up the charts thanks to its new video, was very unhappy about being accosted by a member of the press on a recent trip to the store with her family, getting into a verbal altercation with a reporter from Spanish-language news station Univision.

In the clip, which you can see above, the reporter approached Cardi for an interview on the street in New York, but Cardi tries to deny the interview because she wasn’t made up. Despite the reporter’s assurances that she looks “beautiful,” Cardi pushes on, simply explaining that she wasn’t ready. However, when the reporter tries to get a quote from Cardi’s father instead, the rambunctious rapper explodes, going off on the reporter for putting her father on television. Cardi reminds her antagonist that her father doesn’t have his own security team and might not be safe on the streets should he be approached by someone with less innocent intent.

Cardi explained her blowup on Instagram Live later, saying: “Today, this woman, right, I’m literally taking my daughter out the car and as soon as I turn around, this woman put a camera in my face and she’s got a mic in my mouth… She got in my dad’s way . . . That’s when I came out and I started bucking at her because I just told you I don’t want my f*cking parents on camera. Why the f*ck are you not listening?”

Cardi may have a point. Other members of her family have been harassed over her petty rap beefs, and other stars have been stalked or attacked in the past, so her family’s safety should be a top concern. As far as the TMZ approach of journalism is concerned, maybe the press would be better served trying to talk to Cardi when she’s in a better mood.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.