Steve Carrell Fails To Impersonate Cardi B And Lil Jon In Their Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial

Last week, Pepsi shared a super brief clip of their Super Bowl commercial for this year’s game, and the five-second clip featured Cardi B tapping her bedazzled finger nails on a bedazzled Pepsi can. Now Pepsi has shared the complete ad, and it turns out the commercial features a fun use of her signature “okurr” catchphrase.

The full commercial is actually more focused on Steve Carrell than Cardi: The ad begins with a diner patron ordering a Coke, only for the waiter to say, “Is Pepsi OK?” This outrages Carrell, who was sitting at the next booth over, and he launches into an impassioned speech about things that are “OK.” He then criticizes the waiter’s delivery of his Pepsi line, saying that “OK” must be said with pride. He then gets an enthusiastic “OK” from Lil Jon and an “okurr” from Cardi. At the end of the commercial, Carrell tries (in vain) to say “okurr” in Cardi’s signature style and then laments, “I’ve gotta come up with my own catchphrase.”

Cardi is all over the Super Bowl this year: Aside from this commercial, she will also be performing at Bud Light and On Location Experiences’ Super Bowl music festival.

Watch the full ad above, as well as a 30-second version and a Carrell teaser clip below.