Chance The Rapper Dances To A Preview Of An Unreleased Song

Getty Image

Chance The Rapper has been teasing fans with material and information about his upcoming album. Recently, Chance has tagged all of his tweets with #OWBUM, leading fans to believe that that could be a new title. On Sunday, the “No Problem” rapper posted a 15-second video of him dancing to a song with the hashtag #OWBUM. In a tweet, Chance tagged up-and-coming musician Tisakorean and Canadian producer Murda Beatz. The caption read, “I got so many good beats this week.” He went on to say the song would be on the new album.

The beginning of the track features a deep, edited voice announcing, “lemonade.” Chance’s tweet had two lemon emojis. Could this be a hint at the title of the track?

On Saturday, “Dip” rapper Tisakorean posted a similar 20-second video to Twitter of him and Chance dancing to a different part of the same song as the word “lemonade” appears yet again.

A few days earlier, “Do Not Disturb” producer Murda Beatz hinted his involvement in Chance’s new project. A tweet with two photos of the duo read, “Made Some Pretty Amazing Music The Other Day.”

Chance has been giving hints of his new project little by little. On the seventh anniversary of his first mixtape, 10 Day, the rapper announced he will be dropping his next project in “a few months.”