Chief Keef Missed A Court Appearance In LA And Got Hit With Another Arrest Warrant

Chicago drill rapper Chief Keef has quite the reputation for getting in trouble with the law. However, his latest offense is less gangsta rapper and more white-collar employee who wrote the wrong date on the calendar. According to TMZ, Keef missed a Los Angeles court appearance over a fender bender and now has a warrant out for his arrest.

According to the report, Keef was involved in a minor collision in Hollywood in September of this year. When police responded, they found that Keef was driving on a suspended license. He was written a citation and given a court date for earlier in December, but either forgot or blew it off. Now, the next time he gets pulled over could mean ending up in front of a judge again.

Keef’s last arrest was in January of this year after he assaulted and robbed a producer. He also has another failure to appear from earlier this year after skipping another court date in Miami, FL. In that incident, he was charged with a DUI after failing a sobriety test during a traffic stop. Keef apparently has a lot of faith in his lawyers’ ability to get him out of these sticky situations, but maybe he should let someone else do the driving from now on.

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