City Girls’ Yung Miami Is Under Fire For Making Homophobic Comments On ‘The Breakfast Club’

City Girls member Yung Miami is under fire on Twitter after making comments during her interview on The Breakfast Club radio show this morning that some construed as homophobic. Amid a discussion of some of her previous Twitter snafus, the host, Charlamagne The God, brought up some comments that she’d made online which were deemed homophobic and in the process of explaining herself, Miami inadvertently gave her critics even more ammunition.

“I just said that if I saw anything ‘gay’ in my son, that I would beat him,” she explained. She compared it to the way her own mom would threaten her with greater punishment for slight infractions than she never actually received. She also elaborated that she doesn’t have anything against gay people, but that “I wouldn’t want my son to be gay.” She further attempted to layer some nuance into the discussion by pointing out that she knows and works with many LBGTQ people, but just doesn’t want for her son to identify as gay.

However, her explanation seemed to only serve to further irritate Twitter commenters, who pointed out the latent homophobia inherent in that line of reasoning and that corporal punishment is still used by some parents who rebuke their children’s sexuality while reminding her and each other that much of City Girls’ support comes from the LBGTQ community. While Charlamagne pointed out that Miami was younger when she tweeted those comments, that hasn’t stopped many other rappers and internet personalities, from Doja Cat to “Brother Nature,” from feeling a backlash for old tweets. With City Girls’ sophomore album Girl Code releasing this Friday, such a backlash could have serious effects on the group’s reception. See some of the responses below.