The ‘Drake Curse’ Got Weirder Than Ever When Fans Noticed Drake May Have Predicted The Super Bowl Matchup

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Remember when Drake worse a sweater trolling the so-called “Drake Curse” that looms over his picks for any particular sports matchup? In a stunning turn of events, it turns out that even when he’s undercutting the entire concept, he might just be as good at predicting outcomes as Paul The Octopus, the cephalopod oracle who predicted the results of the 2010 World Cup matchups. Most recently, his support of Alabama in the recent college football championship led to a trolling response from their opponent Clemson, who roundly demolished them after Drake posted a photo of himself decked out in Alabama gear.

The sweater, which bore logos for each of the four NFL teams playing this past Sunday in their respective conference championships, incidentally seemed to also rank the teams in ascending order from (Drake’s) right to left. In the bottom right, the New Orleans Saints logo seemed to divine their NFC loss against the Los Angeles Rams — the first of the day — while the next up turned out to be the Kansas City Chiefs who also lost to the New England Patriots in the AFC.

If the pattern holds, that means Drake — or whoever put together Drake’s sweater, I guess — predicts that Rams will emerge victorious over the Patriots in two weeks at the Super Bowl. That is, unless Drake decides to officially endorse one team or the other, in which case, place your bets on the other one, just to be safe.