Tone Stith’s Drake Cover Is So Good That Drizzy Himself Posted It On Instagram

If you put together a Drake cover that’s dope enough, you just may get some love from the man himself. Ask Tone Stith, a talented singer/songwriter/producer who had his velvety cover of “Madiba Riddim” reposted to Drake’s 37 million Instagram followers. That’s a hell of a look for Stith, who recently released his Can We Talk project.

Stith is signed to Jas Prince’s Young Empire Music Group. Given that Jas — son of Rap-A-Lot Founder and Drake’s “friend” J. Prince — is the man who discovered Drake and took his music to Lil Wayne, this may be a favor, but Stith is too talented for that to matter.

The 21-year-old has been described as an R&B artist who has the capabilities to make songs for today’s genre-bending, subcutaneous trap, but also has yearnings to make songs more closely resembling classic R&B. His 2016 project California70 aimed to modernize ’70s soul, for instance. Not just a singer, Stith has also written two songs for Chris Brown, “Liquor” and “Make Love.” This isn’t his first Drake cover either, check out his version of “Faithful:”

Stith’s mesmerizing voice and mass appeal sensibilities should take him a long way. He has the ability to eventually graduate from Drake covers to his own chart-topping hits with the right circumstances.