Drake Returned To Twitter And Discovered Nostalgic DMs From Kevin Durant And Kendrick Lamar

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Even though the adage that the internet saves everything isn’t 100 percent true, it can occasionally turn out to be as useful a personal history archive as those family photo albums our mothers love to embarrass us in front of company with. A nostalgic Drake found that out today when he logged into his Twitter account for the first time in weeks and uncovered a trove of throwback memories in his DMs he then decided to share with the world via Instagram — apparently, his preferred form of social media these days.

The caption to his post reads: “Logged into my twitter today and got a quick reminder that time is in full flight…a lot of blessings to be aware and appreciative of for so many of us…take a quick moment to digest the progression in your life no matter how small or large. Then get back to it.” The post, which features screenshots of his old Twitter DMs from years ago, includes messages from Trey Songz, who asks him to hit up his Blackberry (remember those?) around the time the two were working on So Far Gone, Kendrick Lamar, who was at the time still working on the now-aborted Detox with Dr. Dre and finishing up his album Section.80, Kevin Durant, who tried to get an early cop of some OVO gear, and even Paris Morton, the infamous muse after whom Drake named two songs.

The post serves as a reminder to Drake and his fans of how far he’s come, but also as a peek into the relationships and conversations that take place behind the scenes, showing that stars are often just like the rest of us. They encourage their friends, check up on exes, and try to secure the plugs to the latest drops, just like anyone else — and even occasionally shoot their shot with other celebrities. The only difference is, their DMs can be a window into how much the world changes — and how much they help it do so.