Eminem Fans Who Love Trump Are Going Through A Crisis Of Conscience On Reddit

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Eminem made it clear in his incendiary verse from the BET Hip-Hop Awards, “Storm,” that there will be no half-stepping allowed when it comes to his supporters. To borrow Seth Myers’ simplification of the overall gist of the four-minute spoken-word rant: You’re either with Em or you’re with Donald Trump. There’s a metaphorical line in the sand, and it’s giving many supporters of both more than enough reason for some deep introspection.

Since Eminem’s declaration swept the internet, a new Reddit thread titled “Huge Eminem fan and a Trump supporter” has popped up and immediately began garnering responses from conflicted Eminem fans who just don’t seem to want to let go of their favorite reality-star-turned-politician.

The thread’s creator, iReactionV2, wrote, ““I watched the Cypher and obviously heard the ending yet I will still listen to Eminem’s music because he is incredibly talented and I can’t wait to hear what he comes out with next. I’m just curious if there is anyone else who falls in this category or those who don’t. What are your thoughts about his Cypher and his opinions.”

Other, similarly conflicted posters began to commiserate, while other, less-conflicted fans challenged them on their views. It seems that the majority of the double-supporters’ sentiments run towards preferring political neutrality, even as it becomes more and more clear that the middle ground on Trump is harder and harder to find.

While this ambivalence may irritate some, there’s no hard and fast rule that absolutely says support of both personalities is mutually exclusive. These fans will just have to continue to reconcile Em’s increasingly vehement anti-Trump views with their support of his music.