Eminem’s Verse On Boogie’s ‘Rainy Days’ Is Getting Roasted By Fans For An Awkward Punchline

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Boogie‘s debut album, Everything Is For Sale, is finally out and excellent, but some fans can’t seem to get over the much-anticipated collaboration between Boogie and his label head Eminem. While it’s as technically as impressive as ever, one punchline has tickled listeners’ funny bones — but maybe not in the way he intended.

On “Rainy Days,” which finds Eminem fighting once again to redefine his legacy, doubling down on his rapid-fire, complex lyricism, the rap veteran spits: “I left my legacy hurt? F*ckin’ absurd / Like a shepherd havin’ sex with his sheep, f*ck what you heard.” When the Genius Twitter account shared the lyric, however, all hell broke loose in the mentions.

While some fans merely responded with straightforward gifs and memes with “boos” and disgusted faces, others wondered why Eminem continues to be so obsessed with changing their minds about his recent output. One simply resorted to reposting the funny Chris Delia impression that became a typical response to his wordy flow.

For his part, Boogie told Billboard that his intention was to compete with his new boss and eventually usurp him. “I don’t think anyone understands that I want to take his spot,” he said. “I love him and that’s my big bro. He signed me and changed my life. But I want his spot, and I want to be richer than him.”

While that’s not completely out of the realm of possibilities, he’ll definitely need to avoid turning the internet against him. For now, enjoy some of the funny responses below.