Future Flaunts His Trophies At Ciara In The NSFW ‘My Collection’ Video

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Future’s videos for FUTURE and HNDRXX have varied from shootouts to testimonials. “Draco” found him operating as a version of Bosley while plenty of femme fatale’s did his dirty work. For “My Collection,” the lead track from HNDRXX, the Atlanta rapper surrounds himself with topless women, audibly counts up a stack of dollar bills and resides by his lonely.

In the super NSFW clip, all of the women are frozen around Future, left in nothing but their underwear like statues. From there, the rapper circles around them rapping with added emphasis, “She told me she was an angel / she f*cked two rappers and three singers.” As the Nick White directed clip comes to a close, Future walks away from the camera with all of the women in his “collection” following behind him.

The Metro Boomin’ and Cubeatz record can be viewed as a dig towards Future’s ex, Ciara. After a year of shots via social media and potential lawsuits, Hendrix doesn’t mince words in regards to his current status: “I’m tryna get the case dismissed before I see trial / And these codeine habits ain’t got nothin’ to do with my lil’ child / No this codeine ain’t got nothin’ to do with my lil’ child.”

Watch the “My Collection” video now. HNDRXX is available on Apple Music.