G-Eazy Opens Up About His New Album ‘The Beautiful And Damned’ And His Plan For World Domination

Erika Goldring, Getty Images for Bud Light

It’s early in the evening in New Orleans, and I’m sitting on a plush couch on the third floor of the Blue Nile overlooking busy Frenchmen Street below. Despite the warnings of ill weather from Hurricane Harvey, outside the sky is a brilliant cobalt blue, and a soft breeze provides a brief respite from the crushing humidity. Seated next to me is G-Eazy, the Bay Area rap star, who in just a couple hours will smash the club below with an intense set as part of Bud Light’s Dive Bar Tour. Sitting nearby watching our conversation on the next couch is Halsey, who will pop the crowd huge as a surprise guest later on tonight, along with Cardi B.

It’s a good time to be G-Eazy. In just a few weeks he will finally pull the curtain back on his next release, a double-album in fact, titled The Beautiful And Damned. The first two offerings from that release “Him And I” with Halsey, and “No Limit” with Cardi B, are set to drop soon, but right now, he’s focused on what going down tonight, trying to simultaneously make an impression on the people in front of him while entertaining those sitting on their couches at home. “You have so many people in the crowd but then you have so, so, so many more people streaming online,” he says. “I think it’s a challenge to connect.”

Of course he’s worried for nothing. The show goes off without a hitch. The crowd goes nearly word for word with him on hits like “Me, Myself & I,” “You Got Me,” and “I Mean It.” Everyone loses their minds when Cardi walks out in a sparkling silver dress and airs out “No Limit” for the first time, along with “Bodak Yellow” of course. There’s an even greater moment of high drama after the cameras are turned off during the encore when, while performing his new song “Him & I” with Halsey, he goes in for an eye-popping, “Did that just happen” makeout session onstage, the two of them practically devouring each other in front of the 250 or so people in the building.

Even after all of the success he’s already managed to accumulate thus far in his career, G-Eazy seems ready to shoot his shot and make the leap into a new stratosphere of recognition and respect. His personal goals are huge. When asked what he hopes to accomplish in the next several months, his answer is as immediate as it is definitive. “Take over the world,” he says. “Literally, become the biggest thing in the world.” Read the rest of our conversation below.

So, tonight, you’re going to bring out Cardi B and Halsey during the show, and I know you have a couple of songs with them on your upcoming album. Can you talk a little bit about how those tracks came together?