Jay-Z’s Dead-On Impressions Of Eminem And Snoop Dogg Perfectly Encapsulate Why They’re Good At Rapping

When Davis Letterman’s new Netflix talk show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman was formally announced in January, the program’s list of guests was revealed, and it was filled with heavy hitters, including Barack Obama, George Clooney, and Jay-Z, among others. The Jay-Z episode is set to hit Netflix on Friday, April 6, and ahead of that, Netflix has shared a brief snippet of Jay and Letterman’s conversation, in which Jay impersonates a couple of his favorite rappers.

Jay’s impressions aren’t so much direct impersonations, but more like him pointing out some defining characteristics that make Snoop Dogg and Eminem stand out as excellent rappers. He and Letterman were talking about what makes a good rapper, and Jay says:

“You can have a great voice, and you can just almost say anything. I think Snoop Dogg has a great voice, like he can say, ‘One, two, three, and two the four,’ and it’s like, oh my god! It just sounds good, right? It just sounds really good.”

Then he talks about Eminem and praises his sense of rhythm:

“Or you can be someone like Eminem and just have amazing cadence. […] It’s percussion inside the music, so there’s multiple ways to be really good. Some people just have it all.”

Watch the teaser clip above.