We Spoke To A Plastic Surgeon About Joe Budden’s ‘Drake Got Liposuction’ Claims

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Just in case you were unclear by what Joe Budden was talking about when he commented on Drake’s “sculpted stomach” on the diss track “Afraid,” the former Love and Hip Hop reality star clarified his statements with a tweet over the weekend. Just like the rumor that popped up when Drake debuted his abs last year, Joe Budden says Drake went to popular plastic surgeon Dr. Michael “Dr. Miami” Salzhauer for his new, toned physique.

“He saw Dr. Miami & didn’t tell y’all…hip-hop weird now lol,” the Mood Muzik rapper tweeted in reference to Drake’s “sculpted stomach” line. He continued, “[I’m] sadly not [joking], but sometimes the truth is really funny tho.” Joe went on to accuse October’s Very Own of benefitting from plastic surgery on more than one occasion, tweeting, “Irrelevant rappers >>> rappers who get lipo…twice.”

Obviously, none of us are liposuction experts so we spoke to someone who actually is, New York City plastic surgeon, Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc, M.D, F.A.C.S. Dr. Lorenc compared two pictures of Drake and used his three decades of experience and expertise in plastic surgery to determine whether or not Papi had fat sucked from his abdomen.

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