Juice Wrld Said He Freestyled All Of His New Album ‘Death Race For Love’

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Yesterday, it was revealed that Juice Wrld’s new album, Death Race For Love, is expected to debut in the top spot of the Billboard 200 chart, and earn over 150,000 equivalent album units. If this comes to be, Death Race For Love would also be his third top 5 album, as his 2018 projects, Goodbye & Good Riddance and his Future collaboration Wrld On Drugs, peaked at No. 4 and 2, respectively. This is all impressive, especially considering that Juice Wrld didn’t even write any of his new album ahead of time.

In a pair of tweets, the rapper wrote that he actually freestyled the entire record:

“I don’t need anyone to right shit for me I freestyled my whole album by my mf self not knocking any writers or artist who have them but I just can’t sit here and not get the credit I deserve. with that bring said ..I FREESTYLED FAST F*CK I LOOK LIKE. Video proof of me not needing anyone’s help to make hit songs I have my own brain and creative playground that’s something God gave me that no one could take from me ..f*cking pidddddd.”

Before Juice Wrld’s tweets, his girlfriend, Ally Lotti, tweeted, “i just need to say this really quick. do y’all understand that every song off drfl was never written. i watched, along with many others as he spoke every song into existence. one verse after another, freestyle. mostly based off our day, mood or high at that moment in time. a king.”

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