Kanye West’s Appearance On ‘Infowars’ With Candace Owens Turned Out To Be An Alex Jones Ploy For Viewers

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Update [3:20 PM EST]: Jones has finally admitted that the announcement was all an elaborate troll for attention. Kanye West never made an appearance, nor did Owens, except in the form of an old interview that the host re-ran to make it appear as if she came to his show live. Joke’s on us, I guess. While the promise of a Kanye West appearance no doubt juiced Jones’ viewership for the four-hour window it seemed a possibility that West could show up, given some of Jones’ previous antics, his credibility was shaky to begin with. Next time he makes a bombshell announcement about an unrealistically popular guest on his show, it seems we’ll all be better served to continue ignoring him.

Update [3:00 PM EST]: Jones ran an old interview from October 2017, apparently in an effort to embarrass Owens and other right-wing pundits who’ve recently distanced themselves from his show. The host admitted as much during a rant filled with invective toward Fox News and fellow conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

Update [2:37 PM EST]: Despite her protestations to the contrary, it appears Candace Owens is on the show right now.

Update: Apparently, Candace Owens will not be appearing on Infowars, per her Twitter. Kanye West still has not appeared as of 2:32 PM EST, nor has he confirmed his appearance.

Kanye West’s bizarre promotional tour for his upcoming music continues today on Alex Jones’ Infowars as he and Candace Owens will make an appearance to try to clarify yesterday’s controversial slavery comment.

While West did take to Twitter in an effort to explain himself, with so many users unfollowing and muting him, it’s possible he felt that the message wasn’t going to receive as much attention as he clearly wants it to. During his appearance on TMZ Live, West questioned the institution of slavery and seemed to imply the slaves were implicit in their servitude, saying “that sounds like a choice to me.” While TMZ’s Van Lathan excoriated him during the broadcast, admonishing him for propagating dangerous ideas, West wasn’t so inclined to back down, using his Twitter to compare himself to notorious rebel slave Nat Turner, whose 1831 revolt was one of the bloodiest and most well-known slave insurrection of the era. It eventually became the subject of the film The Birth Of A Nation, which West claimed “never made it anywhere because it showed slaves revolting.”

West’s headline-grabbing turn to the alt-right appeared to start two weeks ago, when he used his newly-reactivated account to praise conservative pundit Candace Owens and President Donald Trump, whose controversial policies throughout his first term in office have made him one of the most unpopular US presidents ever.