Images Have Emerged Of Kanye West’s Domed Residential Architecture Project

Getty Image / Netflix

Kanye West Is looking to become influential in the housing community. The rapper‘s building dome-like structures that are home prototypes, according to TMZ. In addition, TMZ reports that Kanye West believes the prototypes will break class barriers for the rich, middle class, and poor. Starting in Calabasas, West’s architectural concept comes after the rapper studied the area. Now, West potentially has the next new-age home at his disposal.

On 300 acres of land purchased a few years back, according to TMZ, West ‘s plan to modernize housing comes in the form of a housing community. Each dome-like structure stands around 50 feet high. Sources close to West said to TMZ that the project is in its “early state,” and that West and his team are studying dwelling “from every period of man’s existence on earth.” In addition, the living spaces will be “dynamic.”

If West’s housing community becomes anything like the Calabasas home he shares with wife Kim Kardashian, then the project will be a win. West’s residence is considered an architectural masterpiece, while some have gone as far as to call the home a revolutionary use of space. West first mentioned his housing community in an interview with Forbes. Read the interview here.