Kanye West Seemingly Reveals The Tracklists Of His Upcoming GOOD Music Albums While Working On Beats


Kanye West may have turned a pretty large portion of the internet against him with his Twitter antics of late, but he knows exactly how to solve that problem. Every time public opinion turns on him, he knows a musical reveal with always get the people back on his side. Maybe that’s why he tweeted a video working in the studio on beats with several whiteboards prominently displayed which seem to feature the tracklists for his upcoming spate of GOOD Music releases from Pusha T, Teyana Taylor, Kid Cudi, and Nas.


West teased the albums before making his headline-grabbing left turn into conservative thought leader land and becoming a prop for some of the alt-right’s favorite crackpots to promote their own agendas. The whiteboards in the video feature the names of each artist on his upcoming schedule separated into columns for each. While it appears there are only two songs from his own 7-song EP with titles and exactly one from Nas, the Kids See Ghost (Kanye’s group project with Kid Cudi) list seems to be complete, along with Pusha T’s. Teyana Taylor’s list looks to be about half complete. ‘Ye himself bangs out a beat on one of his drum machines, but there’s no indication whose project this particular pattern might wind up on or even if it will be used at all.

One thing’s for sure: This is a much better use of his Twitter than his half-baked philosophy tweets or conspiracy theories. Maybe instead of trying to capture our attention with controversial opinions, he should continue teasing the thing we always really want from him: New — and good — music.