Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Are Going To Be On An Episode Of ‘Family Feud’

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are going to throw it down on an upcoming episode of Family Feud. The game show, hosted by Steve Harvey, is apparently a favorite of the couple, who spoke about their excitement in a short video. The Wests will go head to head with another famous family dynasty close to their hearts: the Kardashian-Jenners.

“So if you guys don’t know,” began a Snapchat-filtered video of a confident Kim standing with Kanye close behind her. “Kanye and I are the biggest fans of Family Feud. Kanye said he’s waited his whole life for this moment [on] Family Feud. So we’re playing against the Kardashian-Jenners versus the Wests and I have a really good feeling about this. We’re gonna win.”

There is no word yet on when the episode will air or if it has even been filmed, but knowing Kanye and his quest to be the best in everything he does, it won’t be surprising to see the Wests dominate the rounds. Perhaps the Family Feud appearance will encourage West to return once more to Instagram so he can properly talk smack to his Kardashian-Jenner family members and whet our appetite for competition.