In ‘Ye Vs The People,’ The Biggest Loser Is Kanye West

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04.30.18 30 Comments

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To echo a question posed by the esteemed music critic Greil Marcus many years ago; “What is this shit?” Greil wondered that in the opening of his review of his idol Bob Dylan’s maligned 1970 album Self- Portrait. The same exact thought popped in my mind after listening to a pair of singles released recently by my own idol Kanye West over the weekend. The first was a flatulent troll job titled “Lift Yourself.” The second, a groan-inducing duet with T.I. titled “Ye Vs. The People.” To call either song simply “bad” would be a massive understatement. They represent the unmitigated creative low of an otherwise unparalleled artistic career.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the last week or so — and if you have been, I’m insanely jealous — you’ve probably been bombarded with images and tweets of Kanye donning his autographed “Make America Great Again” hat, sharing farcically empty platitudes about “love” and “free-thinking,” along with overtures to his “brother,” President Donald Trump and conservative commentators like Candace Owen. For those who have followed Kanye from The College Dropout days to the present — and that includes superstar friends like John Legend and Questlove — the embrace of the alt-right wasn’t just inexplicable, it was heartbreaking. To watch the same guy who rapped out “Murder To Excellence” and said “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” for millions to see, align himself a figure who’s so eagerly embraced and defended the white nationalist movement in America is simply appalling.

For years, to be a Kanye fan meant to also be a Kanye apologist; excusing his inelegant behavior and douchebag proclivities as a necessary evil in exchange for his undeniable sonic brilliance. If an award show faux pas was the price we needed to pay in order to get a song like “Runaway,” I, like many, was glad and willing to pay it. No amount of genius music can excuse his latest political alignments, however, not that he’s coming anywhere close to matching that bar of inventiveness and inspiration anyway.

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