Kodak Black Was Reportedly Arrested At The US Border On Weapon And Drug Charges

Getty Image

Kodak Black fans in Boston were left hanging yesterday, as they waited inside The House Of Blues for the rapper to take the stage. He never did, though, and it was announced to the crowd that the show was canceled, much to their chagrin. Fans didn’t know what was happening, and Black’s team actually didn’t know much more than them: TMZ reported that the rapper’s team was not sure why Black didn’t show up, and they were unable to get in touch with him or anybody he was traveling with. Now TMZ has updated their report to reveal that the reason Black canceled is because he was arrested at the US/Canada border.

Black and three other people were attempting to enter the US from Canada when they were stopped by US Customs Agents, who arrested Black for criminal possession of a weapon (a second degree felony) and a misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge. Black is believed to have been traveling with at least two guns. Black is apparently still in custody, and is being held on a $20,000 cash bond or $40,000 bond.

Last month, Black was forced to cancel a show in Vancouver because he was stopped at the Canadian border and denied entry into the country.