Kanye West’s New Song ‘Lift Yourself’ Is Full Of Utter Nonsense Lyrics

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Kanye has finally dropped his first new song in a long while. “Lift Yourself” is available to stream over on his website and was teased earlier today. Musically it’s typical Kanye, old-school soul samples chopped up and given new life through re-interpretation and some new beats. Lyrically? Well, lyrically it’s a bit of a departure for the Grammy Award-winning rapper/producer who has made himself at home in the headlines over the last week with divisive and controversial political tweets. While the song is un-mastered and a little raw, the real strangeness is in the lyrics, which are utter nonsense phrasing:

“Poopedy scoop. Woopie de poop de scoop. Poop Poop, whoop. de scoop de woop. De whoopedy poopedy, scoopedy. de scoop de poop.”

Stylistically, the song is somewhere between College Dropout and Yeezus but lyrically it is completely absurd. But, I think it is safe to say that Kanye might be making a bit of a joke at the expense of Hot 97 DJ Ebro. The last tweet Kanye made today before the song was released teased “Lift Yourself” and he promised that his new track would contain a verse that helps bring Ebro the closure he’s “been seeking.”

The song dropped and the only verse is Kanye repeating variations of the phrase “Poopedy scoopedy” over and over. Ebro has yet to comment on it but judging by his recent tweets, he has definitely heard the song.