Lil B Is Cooking In The Studio, And In The Kitchen

01.31.18 4 months ago

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Lil B has established quite the reputation for himself on social media, which has been a mixture of extreme positivity and sometimes, random beef. Arguably, there’s no one rapper who has achieved more interest for social media first, music second than he has. The coolest thing about Lil B is that despite the “curses” he’s put on people, the conspiracies about Twitter stunts, and the other sensationalism surrounding his name, the music is actually pretty good.

Perhaps described best by Slate columnist Jonah Weiner back in 2011 as one of a growing number of “weirdo rappers,” Lil B is weird in the best way. The listener is left wanting to hear what he’s going to say next, and he’s going to deliver something to keep their interest. The thing about him is, no matter how people feel about his music or social media presence, if he’s anything, he lovable.

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Lil B refers to his musical style and work ethic as “based,” which is a movement that is grounded in positivity and tolerance. It’s all about being yourself, and turning negatives into positives. The “Based God” is the prime example of that, having turned what was a controversial existence into a pretty dope platform for him to do more creatively.

The most recent creative venture has been a cooking show called Food Makes Me Happy, in which he joins with chefs and popular foodies to learn how to make different dishes. The mixture of Lil B’s quirky yet lighthearted personality and the seriousness with which the food experts take their craft makes for a hilariously odd show, and after watching the first episode, I had to know more. So I called Lil B and talked to him about Twitter, the cooking show, and more.

You’re like, the King of Twitter, and I was scrolling through Twitter and I saw you have a cooking show now. I got to see a couple episodes.

Yeah, I just released a new episode today with a new chef. I think we got a few more episodes to go. You know, three or four, but I just dropped one today with a new chef, but I haven’t gotten the chance to really get online and promote and stuff like that.

But yeah, just dropped something new today on AwesomenessTV. I collaborated with them and…shout out to Colin Tilley, we did something different. You know, I wanted to give people a different vibe and bring people some good, different stuff to have fun with…lighthearted, you know, stuff like that. Just lighthearted. And I’m also trying to also show respect. How I respect like, different types of food, whether it be vegan or vegetarian or even meat.

I always just try to pay respect to everybody and just figure things out, learn about it and just be myself throughout the situation. It’s really cool man; I got a chance to get a lot of good tips from some great chefs and like and start being able to cook for myself and stuff like that.

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