Lil Bibby Is So Anti-Snitching That He Wouldn’t Even Tell If His Mother Was Murdered

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We already know Cam’ron doesn’t play when it comes to tattle-telling. In 2007, the Dipset leader famously said in that he would just up and move if he found himself living next door to a murderer rather then turning him in. And that’s pretty much the same for Lil Bibby. Not even if the murderer killed his mother. No snitching means no snitching!

“Anything you do with [the police] is snitching, man,” the 21-year-old Chiraq rapper recently told VladTV about cooperating with cops. “You don’t talk to the police. You don’t cooperate with them. I don’t care if somebody shot your mama, I ain’t calling no police. I’m not talking with them. I don’t know nothing. I don’t care if I seen the dude dead in the face [and] I know his full name, I’m not telling the police nothing.”

Not even if Vlad shot Bibby’s mother in the face would the Free Crack rapper involve the authorities. However, that’s not to say he wouldn’t seek out his own justice. “I wouldn’t [call the police], but, where your mama stay at? Is she in the neighborhood?”

But there is an exception to his no snitching rule: burglaries. Bibby revealed he would most definitely alert authorities and file police paper work if he came home and found his place ransacked. “That’s the only way you should be calling them, if your house get robbed. Though that has to do with insurance more than anything,” he added.

I personally think calling the police when neighbors are still popping fireworks after the 4th of July is also acceptable. C’mon, guys, it’s three in the morning!

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