Lil Nas X Gave His First TV Performance Of ‘Old Town Road’ On ‘Desus And Mero’

So far on Desus Nice and The Kid Mero’s new Showtime show Desus & Mero, the pair has had a slew of great guests, including some fun musical moments, like when they wrote and performed an extremely suggestive song with John Legend. On the show’s latest episode, the duo booked one of the biggest guests possible at the moment: Lil Nas X. Naturally, he performed “Old Town Road” on the show, which marked his first television performance.

Lil Nas X and his band were set up in the corner of a country bar, and since Billy Ray Cyrus wasn’t there, he performed the original, shorter version of the song. Still, though, it’s “Old Town Road,” so it was a lot of fun.

Before the performance, Lil Nas X chatted with the hosts, and talked about his experience with “Old Town Road” becoming viral, saying, “Every day, it’s like, ‘OK, everything was a dream.’ I just did Stagecoach.” He was then asked why he performed at Stagecoach instead of Coachella, and he responded, “Stagecoach is for country music.” He also talked about the backlash the song received from some in the country music community, saying, “It’s like unreal, but it’s like, that terrible situation ended up helping me.”

Watch Lil Nas X perform “Old Town Road” above.