Nicki Minaj Got Taunted With ‘Cardi B’ Chants Again After Canceling Another Concert

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Angry fans in Dublin met Nicki Minaj with a mocking chant of Cardi B’s name after she canceled her latest tour date there. Nicki’s Nicki WRLD tour with opener Juice WRLD has met with numerous technical problems since its launch, causing multiple canceled dates, including Bratislava, Slovakia and Bordeaux, France. The Irish show was canceled due to circumstances outside of the rapper’s control, but that didn’t stop fans from retaliating by directly attacking her ego.

According to a tweet from the show’s production company, the concert was canceled “Due to adverse weather conditions which have affected Irish Sea sailings over the last 24hrs resulting in some equipment trucks not arriving.” The previous concerts were canceled due to electrical issues at the venues which lacked the proper power for her stage and lighting set up. Although the statement noted that “Nicki Minaj apologises for any inconvenience caused to fans,” the folks who bought tickets and lined up to see their favorite in concert weren’t sated by any means.

As fans chanted for Nicki rival Cardi B outside the venue — much as French fans had at the canceled Bordeaux stop — their reaction seemed more like jovial trolling than actual outrage. However, since Nicki relationship with Cardi has been fraught ever since the younger rapper stormed onto the scene with “Bodak Yellow,” it’s not likely she’s sitting in the tour bus laughing along.