Offset And Gucci Mane Rob A Bank In Their 1930s Gangster Movie-Inspired ‘Quarter Mill’ Video

Offset does his best Clyde Barrow impression with Gucci Mane riding shotgun in their 1930s-inspired heist video for “Quarter Mill” from ‘Set’s new album, Father Of 4. With a premise that would make John Mulaney proud (“And if anyone asks, you tell ’em it was Golden Joe and the Suggins Gang!”), the video even opens with an old newsreel-style spinning intro in black-and-white complete with a running narration from about the Offset gang’s exploits. The clip follows the crew as they plan out a bank robbery — with Tommy guns at the ready, naturally — and make off like, well, bandits with their ill-gotten gains as the city’s civilians flee in terror. It’s enough to make you want to yell, “Myeh, see! You’ll never take me alive, coppers!”

Offset’s first solo album independent of Migos proved to be one of the most personal projects yet from the trio, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t get plenty of help on it. Aside from the obligatory appearances of both Quavo and Takeoff, ‘Set also manages to secure a verse from formerly estranged wife Cardi B on “Clout,” delivering a derisive diatribe against rumor mongering media and blogs. Check that out here.

Father Of 4 is out now via Quality Control/Capitol Records. Get it here.