Ghost Makes A Difficult, Yet Wise Decision On This Week’s ‘Power’ And — OMG!

Where do we even begin with this week’s crazy episode of Power? Oh I know! The dissolution of Jamie St. Patrick and Angela Valdes’ relationship.

It’s no secret I’ve been praying for Jamie’s prosecutor mistress to get killed off since forever. While the hit show didn’t grant me my one wish in life, they did offer me and the “get Angela the hell up out of here” faction something just as good — having Jamie break up with Angela. However, not for reasons expected. Which brings us to Ghost’s past catching up with him.

As it turns out, in one helluva plot twist that many didn’t see coming, Ghost’s new head of security Dean is actually the Serbian drug lord Milan. Yeah, the same mysterious Milan the Serbian connect Vladimir warned about being a vindictive, sick, depraved cannibal in Season Two of the drama. Ghost’s decision last season to kill off all the other street dealers, aka Milan’s customers, has come back to bite Ghost in the rear in ways even he couldn’t have imagined. Especially when his head has been so far up Angela’s ass that he was part of of her digestive system.

After being threatened with harm to his family and his mistress, Ghost and Tommy are now being forced back into the drug game, right after finally killing Lobos and thinking the street life was all behind them. Which brings us back to Jamie and Angela’s break-up. While the love is still there, as Tommy reminded Jamie, Angela is Ghost’s soft spot. He can’t peddle Milan’s drugs with Miss Assistant US District Attorney Angela Valdes literally underneath him. Plus, if Ghost messes up, Angela and his entire family gets tortured and turned into meatloaf for Serbian Hannibal Lecter to enjoy. At this point, Ghost will never die.

Tonight’s episode also proved once more that even though Ghost did her more filthy than Tommy and Holly having sex, Tasha still comes through for Ghost like a true trap queen. When he needs her the most, T provides a great alibi for Ghost when he goes to kill Lobos.

And finally, after three seasons of “will he or won’t he,” Tommy Egan finally said the N-word. I can’t be the only person who thought one of these seasons Tommy was going to cash in his black card, forget he’s a white male and say n*gga. Well that came in this week’s episode with the cokehead reminding Ghost, “N*gga, I ain’t got no connect” after killing off Lobos. Naturally, Power fans have opinions on whether or not Tommy is still invited to the cookout.

Next week’s episode will be one to watch as Kanan moves forward with his plans to make Ghost pay for setting him up and landing him in prison.