‘Sonic The Hedgehog’s Trailer Using A Classic Rap Song Has Sparked Plenty Of Reactions

The trailer for the warily-anticipated Sonic The Hedgehog live-action movie has arrived and while it’s quite something, fans are split on some of the choices the trailer makes, especially with regards to its musical selection. For some inscrutable reason, the trailer is scored by the Stevie Wonder-sampling strains of Coolio’s 1995 hit “Gangsta’s Paradise,” and the reactions have been mixed, to say the least.

For some, the use of the ’90s rap classic constitutes an egregious misstep on the part of the trailer’s editors. One fan called the decision to set the trailer’s action to “Gangsta’s Paradise” “inexplicable” and seemed pretty discontent with the whole thing all around.

For others, it’s an enticing reason to buy opening night tickets. Another fan joked: “I’m a simple man, add gangsters paradise by coolio to your movie trailer and I’ll see it opening night.”

One more fan remembered the unlikely feud that the song once sparked between Coolio and humorist musician Weird Al Yankovic, who parodied “Gansta’s Paradise” as “Amish Paradise” due to the original’s immense success and cultural ubiquity on its release. Coolio, who had intended the song as a serious-minded commentary on street violence and the social conditions that spawn the street gang mentality, took the parody personally, saying Yankovic “desecrated the song.” Yankovic himself joked “I’m not sure how comfortable I am with them using a parody of ‘Amish Paradise’ in the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer.”

All in all, it seems plenty of folks have opinions about the trailer’s song choice, but Coolio himself has remained mysteriously silent on the subject. Maybe it’s like Weird Al noted on Behind The Music when the two were still feuding over “Amish Paradise” (they’ve since made amends and Coolio even says he likes it now) — Coolio didn’t have many complaints when he received the royalty check for his share of the splits.

Perhaps Paramount Pictures made Coolio an offer he just couldn’t refuse. Besides, the trailer’s editor’s probably needed something to distract from Sonic’s creepy human teeth. Check out more of fans’ outraged, bemused, and baffled responses below.