Rapper The Game Is Currently Two Victories Away From The Most Coveted Sports Title In LA

08.09.17 7 months ago


The Game’s jump shot is ugly as all hell.

He knows it too; occasionally, before letting fly with his unorthodox release, he’ll cross himself in a joking pantomime of prayer and kiss the ball goodbye, playing to the crowd who loves every second of it.

Usually the comical efforts sail long, or short, or sometimes clang off the side of the backboard, but every once in a while, sometimes with absolutely absurd frequency, the ball goes through the net, and it’s always a swish when it does. The crowd goes crazy.

This is the rapper out of his natural element, hanging on the court with NBA superstars and overseas professional basketball players, yet somehow his team, Birdie’s Revenge (inspired by 1994 Tupac vehicle Above The Rim), currently sits just two games away from the most coveted title in Los Angeles sports, with an undefeated record to boot.

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