T.I. Shelled Out $78K To Settle An Overtime Pay Lawsuit From Ex-Employees

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We all know that T.I. is all about his money, and more often than not, creating opportunities for other people to do so. However, he’s reportedly in hot water (no pun intended) with some former staff at his restaurant, Scales 925 in Atlanta, for not paying them overtime. Bossip has reported that he has settled out of court four former employees have sued T.I. and his business partner Chris Hughes for failing to pay them overtime as well as money damages.

The hefty $78,000 settlement comes after the employees alleged that both T.I. and Hughes were in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act — which establishes the standards of wages and overtime and protects workers from unfair pay practices or work regulations. T.I. remained firm that he and his partner are completely innocent, and pushed for a settlement for the case so that they can avoid an even more costly court case. The terms of the settlement will see the rapper and his partner pay the former employees legal bills, back taxes, and money damages. In exchange, they have agreed to not sue him and his partner or the restaurant. This is only the beginning for T.I.’s Scales 925, as it is also embroiled in yet another wage dispute from 2017 as well.