Video: A Rap Battle Between Mr Dizaster And Math Hoffa Ends In A Brawl

06.29.14 4 years ago 16 Comments

I squared off with math and dropped him after all the commotion, if he lies his b***h……i fired on him he fell &i landed a gang of punches. Someone has the footage i f***ed his ass up nobody was helping me….they saw that shit p***y ass b***hea..,he f***in dared me i aint a b***h. He kept saying u wont do s**t i dare u i dare u..,f*** u then u win some u lose some.

Things got heated during Mr. Dizaster’s battle with Math Hoffa and Dizaster decided to take a swing. Check footage of the aftermath below. This is after Math Hoffa punched Serius Jones in a previous rap battle.


You guys are all cornballs this was not planned i fully take responsibility of my actions ,but i do not regret it.however i am banning myself. I am walkin away from kotd cuz i f***ed up,but this is maths fault 100%. I have an idea2 make this a positive thing im gonna have skee air it.
Yes of course we gon shoot the fair one. Lmfao i just want to know how that changes anything….”sun got set up” ???????????? dillusional ass people. I already told math we gon do a 1on1 …so stop hitting me with this “yo sun dun ny cali bla bla” cuz its between me and math not yall. Anyways this will not escalate we will handle it like men and squash it. Yall need to chill the f*** out real talk its not what yall think
Mr Dizaster


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