XXXTentacion Unapologetically Responds To Abuse Allegations In A Series Of Vulgar Videos

XXXtentacion’s alleged abuse was recently revealed in court documents detailing an extensive and grisly pattern of violence and terror, but he has so far refused to express anything other than defiance.

Despite promising to disappear from social media for a while, the Florida rapper instead doubled down on his disturbing online behavior, posting ghoulish videos of fake suicides and using Instagram’s “stories” function to lash out at critics and try to justify his actions.

His latest series of posts revealed an unapologetic stance toward his alleged victim and even more vitriol toward critics. Beginning his latest video rants with a block of text defending himself from his detractors, he let off a wild string of unconscionable threats.

“I’m insensitive because I refuse to accept a reality for myself that is not my own, I will not have fabricated stories pushed on me, and have people trying to make me submissive off some sh*t I ain’t do, I’m good.

If you’re not with me, keep my name out your mouth, it’s not that hard, or if you’ve realized that my name is power, you should use it positively so I can shed a little light on you.”

The videos are below, and probably not safe for work.

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