XXXTentacion Says He’s Donating $100,000 To Domestic Violence Programs As An Apology To Women

It seems like stories about XXXtentacion’s abhorrent behavior are everywhere these days. There was him punching a fan earlier this year, being apathetic about a person getting stabbed in a fight at his show, and most notably the reprehensible, borderline torture he’s alleged to have put his ex-girlfriend through — charges that he’s set to go to trial for in the near future.

Despite all of his legal troubles and irresponsible social media stunts, the Florida artist’s career is still ascending thanks to his devoted fanbase. He reportedly signed a $6 million dollar deal with Capitol Records’ indie distributor Caroline recently and already has plans on where some of his advance is set to go.

Although he said he was taking a break from social media, XXX took to his Instagram to announce plans to donate $100,000 to domestic violence prevention programs. He also apologized to “any woman that I’ve ever disrespected or made feel violated,” especially with his vulgar comments threatening to “f*ck” the little sisters of his critics “in the throat” and offering to “domestically abuse” women’s vaginas after the details of his abuse came out. Though he says he doesn’t take his “I’m insensitive because I refuse to accept a reality for myself that is not my own” comments back, he apparently regrets the others.

“Let’s please try and stop making it a joke to disrespect women in 2017,” he wrote. XXX said he woke up this morning regretting his “disrespect” of the “female population” and pledges to make the future better for the youth, in part with free football matches.

In the meantime, he’s urging people to “protect the ladies” because “they play a more important role than men currently in this world” — though he followed that up with some respectability politics-infused commentary about faithful vs. unfaithful women and surmised no woman could “make him fall in love.”

Who knows if his newfound positivity is just damage control, a momentary high in the midst of his documented battle with mental illness, or legitimate contriteness for all of the things he’s done, but hopefully it’s the latter.

You can see XXXTentacion’s comments below: