The Yeezy Dating Site Servers Broke Within Minutes Of Launch — But It’s Back Up And Running


Yeezy.Dating is officially here. Two months ago the site popped up proclaiming to be a “dating site for fans of the genius Mr. Kanye West.” It’s been properly developed and is now fully operational. While the idea of a dating site revolving specifically around a music artist – especially one as diverse and polarizing as Kanye – seems far-fetched, people are signing up in droves. So many people were interested that the site’s servers apparently crashed from all the visitor traffic they got on April 11. They took a 10-day break to re-configure, as the owner noted on their official Instagram.

Now, they’re back live and enjoying over 2300 signups in just 24 hours. That will eventually turn into hundreds of chances for people find the love of their life Yeezy style. Site owner Harry Dry says over e-mail that he’s “been getting emails from people across the world saying they just went on their first Yeezy date.”

They’ll have plenty to talk about during their date. There’s Kanye’s recent controversial tweets and apparent co-sign of Donald Trump. But on a brighter note, there’s plenty of music coming out this June, including his solo album, and a long-awaited project with Kid Cudi. He’s also fully producing albums for Nas, Pusha T, and Teyana Taylor. Maybe it’s best to delay your date a bit for the good stuff.