Adam Pally’s Latest ‘Conan’ Appearance Is Instantly Ridiculous Thanks To His Mixture Of Deadpool And Daredevil

Adam Pally’s numerous appearances on Conan always have the actor wearing some sort of crazy costume. He’s come as The Mask and a Queen’s Guard in the past, but likely hit his pinnacle during his last appearance when he dressed as ‘Fatman.’ Pally says he was drunk when he chose that costume, but this time around he sounds very sober. And very confused.

After Conan introduces him, Pally enters dressed as Deadpool while playing the snare drum. He plays himself to he desk and struggles to sit down, all before explaining himself to Conan. He’s not exactly Deadpool and he’s actually supposed to be more Daredevil, but the real name — is Snaredevil. He reveals this in between trying to survive his costume and declaring that Ryan Reynolds should get an Oscar for wearing the costume alone. He tries to get through the “interview” with his mask on, but soon has to take it off and reveal his second mistake before the interview.

Not only did Pally put on an entire Deadpool costume, he also found a way to fit into an entire Daredevil costume under the first suit. The whole interview is just a wonderful piece of comedy, with the costume opening the door, Pally’s wild commentary throughout making it last, and Conan’s reactions to it all just selling everything perfectly.

If Pally didn’t mean to do any of it and actually made a mistake, that’s even better.

(Via Team Coco)